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  • RANKING CHARTS: look at the chart with pictures, rank position and quick details about each of your top 20 fans, kept up-to-date with the latest info from Facebook.
  • FILTERS: filter your fans by such categories as gender, relationship status, friend status.
  • POSITION TRACKER: track the movement of your fans in the Top 20.
  • FANBAR: see how much your fans care about you.
  • FANMATRIX: generate an awesome collage with the pics of your top 20 fans, your biggest fans will have the biggest pics.
  • SHARE OPTION: share your FanMatrix with your friends on Facebook.

This app will not work if you don't allow Facebook permissions.
Your personal information will be used only for creating the ranking charts and will never be collected or shared with anyone.

About us

MyTopFans for Facebook is an iPhone app developed for you by Dixapp.


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